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[21 Jun 2019 | Comments Off on Urgent! Rising the number of stressed student in school | ]

As researches recently, amount of students has demand to advice for emotional and mental health problems. Estimated quantity rises in about 10%. A report from the Higher Education Funding Council for England showed an annual increase of more than 50%. It is a serious problem about stress in student

Although it is the massive problem, some universities have been negligent and neglected. Instead of homesickness or trouble in society relationships, students have to face with anxiety, depression or low mood. It badly affects to emotion every day. More terrible! It can …

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[9 Feb 2019 | Comments Off on 6 classic books that every student should read before graduation | ]

The book is a story about love triangle when the characters met for the first time in college. What is more important to them: love or friendship? How to decide in this dilemma, when you just want to have love but still don’t want to lose your best friend? Every student should find the answer to this question.
2. This Side of Paradise

A prestigious Princeton student became completely disillusioned after graduation. He discovered that the life out there was different from his university environment and now he had to find …

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[5 Dec 2018 | Comments Off on Reasons students should work part-time before graduation | ]

Part-time job during college has many benefits. Many students feel that going to work after school can distract them from studying. At first sight, part-time job opportunities will make you overloaded, but if you know how to arrange your time, you can do it. You should try to balance your work and get good grades at school, if you really want to do it, just go ahead.
1. Covering your expenses
Not everyone gets a scholarship to study at university, so do extra work to help you narrow down your expenses, help …

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[11 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on On Kenilworth Avenue | ]

Police cruisers, an ambulance and numerous spectators gathered at the corner of Kenilworth Avenue and Hope Street on the morning of November 9th.  The block was enclosed with yellow caution-tape. Police officers took witness statements – “he was just walking his dog,” said one observer. “Next thing I knew, he was on the ground. Dead.”
The victim in question was ex-Hells Angels member Lou Malone, 49. His death was believed to be a gang hit.
This scene exemplifies some of the major struggles of Kenilworth Avenue. Gang violence and excessive crime severely …

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[11 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on There’s no such thing as “normal” | ]

Half-reclined on a black leather couch with his head propped in one hand, Mat Smith exudes an openness that is rare for a man who generally prefers the intimate company of his music. Dressed in a black sweater and khaki pants, he sports an affable smile whilst pulling a blanket- adorned with a teddy bear wearing a Santa hat- over himself to keep warm. The gas fireplace across from him is warming the room, but too slowly for his immediate liking.
By all accounts, Mat Smith looks like the average 23-year-old; mousy brown …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Furry friends come to Mohawk | ]

It’s not what you expect to see in the MCACES (Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students) lounge on a Wednesday afternoon: dogs, a rabbit and a cat.
Mohawk and the SPCA brought the animals to the college to help students relieve a little stress. The organization brought three dogs, one of them named Benny. It was the 11-month-old Chihuahua-Shetland Sheepdog’s first time at college, and there was a warm welcome from everyone in the room. Lynn Bervin is a Manager of Volunteer Services at the organization, and the owner of …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Avoiding (some of) the holiday stress | ]

Imagine, with just the click of a mouse, your holiday shopping is done. No crazy lineups, no busy malls, no fighting for the best gifts. Just one click of your computer mouse or tap on your touchscreen and the gift will be brought to your doorstep.  This is the basic logic behind online shopping.
Mohawk Advertising and Marketing student Sarah Dufton says she enjoys online shopping.
“I like the convenience of it and that I don’t have to go outside and leave my room and there’s so many more options online,” Dufton …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Bike share plan coming to Hamilton | ]

Hamilton’s streets will see an influx of bicycles this spring as the city moves forward with its bike share plan.
“One thing a bike share does is increase the ease and convenience of, not only cycling in the city, but also taking transit,” said Peter Topalovic, project manager for Hamilton’s Public Works department. The bike share is a key part of the city’s overall transit strategy.
Initial plans for the bike share’s core service area are wards 1, 2, 3, and 4, and secondary service areas include Mohawk College, the mountain brow, …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on How safe is that sandwich? | ]

With students so busy studying for exams or putting the finishing touches on big assignments, they may not be thinking about one thing: food safety whenthey eat on campus. At Mohawk, everything is clear and up to standard. But what’s the process of getting the all-clear? First of all, there are the inspections. Erica Greeley, Food Services Manager at Mohawk, talked about how often the eateries here are inspected.
“By the City of Hamilton, the main kitchen is inspected three times a year. The outlets are inspected twice,” Greeley explained.
How often …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Health +1: Health and Wellness at Mohawk | ]

Mohawk College hosted its third annual Health and Wellness Expo Monday night. This was an opportunity for students and teachers to gather and learn about different methods to keep a healthy lifestyle.
“The students in their second year…host [the event] and what they are doing is bringing awareness to health [issues],” said Chantal Szpak, a professor in the Health and Wellness Fitness program  “There are 52 booths covering topics from nutrition to goal setting, environmental wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness and any kind of physical activity, emotional mental health, anything like …