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6 classic books that every student should read before graduation

9 February 2019 No Comment


The book is a story about love triangle when the characters met for the first time in college. What is more important to them: love or friendship? How to decide in this dilemma, when you just want to have love but still don’t want to lose your best friend? Every student should find the answer to this question.
2. This Side of Paradise

A prestigious Princeton student became completely disillusioned after graduation. He discovered that the life out there was different from his university environment and now he had to find his ego again. Does this sound too familiar to many students today?
3. 1984
A world divided between three authoritarian parties. The book describes an absolute control, the complete elimination of human values ​​and human efforts to survive in that world of hatred. Can you challenge the system? Are you strong enough to keep yourself and don’t lose yourself?
4. A Brave New World
A novel is called “a negative fiction society” by its author. The book is about the future world story of humankind, when happiness plays a very important role, but individuality is not enhanced. Is it possible to be happy, but is everyone the same? What is more important to a young person: accepting everything as it is, or trying to resist the system?
5. One Hundred Years of Solitude

This is a fictional, epic and anecdotal novel about human evolution where each of us will surely be lonely, and lonely is the only thing that dominates the world when everything is Twisted knitting with the relationship of fateful love. A perfect book for students to help them understand and feel the important role of family and relatives supporting them.
6. Lolita

Filled with humor and intrigue, this is a novel about a forbidden love between a controversial young man and a still controversial girl, but it can teach us about the knowledge, sacrifice, forgiveness and many other qualities that are extremely important but have been forgotten by people today.

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