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Urgent! Rising the number of stressed student in school

21 June 2019 No Comment

As researches recently, amount of students has demand to advice for emotional and mental health problems. Estimated quantity rises in about 10%. A report from the Higher Education Funding Council for England showed an annual increase of more than 50%. It is a serious problem about stress in student

Although it is the massive problem, some universities have been negligent and neglected. Instead of homesickness or trouble in society relationships, students have to face with anxiety, depression or low mood. It badly affects to emotion every day. More terrible! It can cause suiciding or harming body yourself

Anxiety culture

Problems make student under pressure including worrying about the rising cost of studying, fear of failing in study, not meeting expectations and uncertainties from parent or society in the future. So, you always feel anxious and stressed

Actually, Student life is also affected by more and more developing society. As Dr Caleb in Brunel University has analyzed that “There is a cultural change in being a student.” It means mental and physical of student and undergraduate are different. Students are sensitive and worried about the future. It makes more depressed thought

Need caring more

To resolve about risks of stressed student, universities are improving better by vocational and non-vocational course, outside activities or soft skilled club. They want to focus more high service for student, beside professional knowledge

Teachers hope that by improved progress about method of teaching, students will feel more comfortable and reduce pressure about their life. But Dr Caleb repeats that it needs to be more balance between quality of services and student’s demand

As a consequence of modern life, people set up higher standards to reach a better life. Further, parents are busy with job and unintentionally forget to share with their children. They are main reasons caused stress in student. Changes negative hobby and thought immediately to enjoy the wonderful life before you. It’s valuable advice

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