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The Most Famous College Libraries for Students All over the World (part 2)

29 December 2020 No Comment

Millikan Library of California Institute of Technology

Location: Pasadena, California

Opened in 1967, the Millikan Library is the tallest building and most sensitive building on campus. It is not only a library but also a testing site with thirteen seismometers and a shaker roof that sends vibrations through the building, allowing the scientists to check the frequency of seismic waves if anything shakes Southern California.

Thomas J. Dodd Research Center of University of Connecticut

Location: Mansfield, Connecticut

Built in 1995, the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center has a lot of collections, including the most famous Includes Rare Books Collection. This building is also home to the Human Rights Institute.

Uris Library of Cornell University

Location: Ithaca, New York

Opened in 1891, the Uris Library features extensive humanities and social sciences holdings. It is the main undergraduate library. Designed by William Henry Miller, who was the first architecture student of the university, this is considered his masterpiece. The attached bell tower is a symbol of Cornell University. The library offers 8 million print books, more than 1 million e-books, and 71,000 cubic feet of various manuscripts.

Bobst Library of New York University

Location: New York, New York

Opened in 1973, the Bobst Library is the main library of New York University. The twelve-stories and 425,000-square-foot building is the flagship of an eight-library. It has 3.5 million volumes, 20,000 Journal, as well as 1,000 electronic sources. There are more than 6,500 online visitors every day visiting Bobst Library.

Firestone Library of Princeton University

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

Opened in 1948, the Firestone Library may look a little small but in fact, there are three partial underground levels. The library extends beyond the footprint of the main building and has four smaller floors above the ground. It features gorgeous English Georgian architecture of wows onlookers. With a very significantly growing book collection, the library has had to store many books related to academic subjects in other libraries and areas on the campus.

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