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Top ten most popular college sports (part 1)

28 November 2020 No Comment

Youth is the best time to chase a dream. If you want to be a sportsman, youth is the perfect time to show the potential. Sports are best performed by the youngsters, who have the best fitness and flexibility to perform their best in sports. As a result, it is most common to find the talented youngsters in the schools and colleges. In the world, there are many colleges that are more known for their sports teams. However, some sports don’t gain popularity at the college level, while some others are widely popular among students. We have compiled a list of top ten most popular college sports in the world.

American Football

American football is most popular in the US and not played much in other countries around the world. However, the popularity of this sport has started to spread and it is now played in Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.


Basketball is widely considered to be the world’s most popular sport. When it comes to sports played by students, basketball also takes the highest-rated spot both for boys and girls. Many students who don’t play it still love to watch it on TV or internet or attend the games at their college.

Ice Hockey

First played in the 19th century in Canada, ice hockey is a greatly popular sport not only in Canada but also in the US and many other countries. Nowadays, ice hockey is played on a hockey rink by six players on each side aiming to score goals by shooting on a rubber disk with a stick into the opponent’s net.


Being football’s biggest competitor in the US, baseball is commonly known as ‘America’s pastime’. It is attracting a huge number of fans, even in college level. The youngest start by playing tee ball and change into another variation of baseball when they get a bit older.

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