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[23 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Ideal Websites for University Students | ]

With all the information needed at their fingertips, university students have it much easier these days. All the information they could possibly require are at their fingertips and can be viewed online, but at the same time curriculums have changed as well. There are several websites and apps that improve students’ time management as well as offering better information, faster access to all info needed and brainstorming with thousand if not millions of students around the globe. Here are some of the most useful websites and apps now available to …

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[16 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on How to Choose a University | ]

Searching for the best degree program will also see you spend loads of time browsing through brochures, milling around campus with other students, visiting new towns and cities, and picturing your life as an undergraduate. While doing this, you’ll also need to pay close attention to the institution’s reputation and the quality of teaching. However, are there other factors that could influence your overall decision?
It’s important to understand that your experience doesn’t end solely with academia. Your best moments is going to be spent away from the lecture theatre at …

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[6 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Freshers Week Tips | ]

The Student Supports Director of the Surrey University have shared some great advice recently that is bound to offer freshers great help during their first week and long after as they start their first year of University. There are some great tips for before you arrive at University that include getting yourself all kitted out, although freshers are cautioned not to go too far. It is important to remember that you will be part of a society, even when it won’t feel like it all the time, so it will …

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[1 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Unreasonable Lecture Hours Causes Outrage | ]

Evening lectures that last some evenings till 9 pm has caused outrage with students, while universities use this option to cope with the ever-rising increase in the number of students. At some of the universities in the United Kingdom, students had their excitement for the start of the new term diminished by the fact that late lectures are bound to clash with their pre-drinks.

Universities explained that these schedule changes were only made in an effort to cope with the huge number of students and to accommodate the fast-growing student population …