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[26 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on What Freshers Need to Pack for First Term at University | ]

Chances are that your new room would have less space than you used to at home so do not go overboard with the basics you are taking. Everyone says pack light, yet light for some means three to four suitcases for other closer to ten, a great way to determine if you on par, if your luggage doesn’t fit in the boot of a car its unlikely to fit into your new room.

Nothing is as exciting as to pack for university and it’s understandable that you feel you’ll need your …

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[28 May 2018 | Comments Off on Dance (Dance Revolution) the night away | ]

Mohawk College gamers turned out in force for last Tuesday’s Videogame Tournament at the Arnie. Different demographics occupied the dance floor, as gamers tried anything from Jenga to NHL 13, stirring up some good, old-fashion rivalries. The night was filled with Dance-offs and competitions, with the last person standing winning a box full of games, valued at well over $100.
This event brought together students who might not be too keen on the traditional pub scene. We Got Game hosted the event, bringing Xbox 360′s, PlayStation 3s and Nintendo WIIs for …

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[16 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | ]

Oh Smaug the stupendous, I was not prepared for your magnificence. The Desolation of Smaug is one of those rare film adaptations that just might outdo the version on the page. Now is not the time for such judgments, the film does leave some fun parts from the book by ralph lauren france the wayside, but by the closing moments of the film only the truest of ardent Tolkien fans will have cause to complain. The 3D Imax was once ralph lauren soldes again an experience well worth the inflated price and the film keeps you …

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[11 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on There’s no such thing as “normal” | ]

Half-reclined on a black leather couch with his head propped in one hand, Mat Smith exudes an openness that is rare for a man who generally prefers the intimate company of his music. Dressed in a black sweater and khaki pants, he sports an affable smile whilst pulling a blanket- adorned with a teddy bear wearing a Santa hat- over himself to keep warm. The gas fireplace across from him is warming the room, but too slowly for his immediate liking.
By all accounts, Mat Smith looks like the average 23-year-old; mousy brown …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Today’s links for December 5, 2013 | ]

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[4 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Links of the Day for Wednesday, December 4 | ]

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[18 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on HMAs rock the MacIntyre | ]

Few people have the power to captivate an audience with their music alone, and Hamilton’s own blues legend Harrison Kennedy does it better than everyone else. Kennedy took home four awards at the 2013 Hamilton Music Awards: Male Artist of the Year, Blues Recording of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Male Vocalist of the Year.
Kennedy was also honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with Detroit-based pop band Chairmen of the Board in the 1970s, as well as other projects throughout his career. As he accepted …

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[7 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Links of the day | ]

Today we have Noah Salo and Greg Rosser on our live TV newscasts. Keep an eye out for them on the TVs around Mohawk! They’re joined by Neil Reyes in Entertainment, Teresa Friesen in Sports and Paula Tobias in Weather.
On our INDI 101FM radio newscasts today, we have Anna Ritins on top hour news and Brady Livingston on bottom hour, filling in for Pat Fenton, who’s at city council today.
Noticing a trend this week? Hamilton City Council has been busy this week, and many of our reporters are spending days …

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[1 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Halloween at Mohawk | ]

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[30 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Rob MacIsaac leaving Mohawk | ]

Rob MacIsaac is stepping down as president of Mohawk College. MacIsaac has accepted a new position as the president and C.E.O of Hamilton Health Sciences and will begin his new job in February.
Dean of the School of Business Piero Cherubini says he is sad to see MacIsaac leave, but thinks this is a great opportunity, and not only for MacIsaac.
“It’s good for us as a college that he is going to an organization like the Health Sciences that we work very closely with so be brings the college knowledge over …