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[10 May 2020 | Comments Off on Foreign students in Japan struggle to stay and study amid Covid-19 pandemic | ]

Japan had opened up to foreign students since it sought to expand its skilled workforce in the situation of an aging society. According to the Japan Student Services Organization, the number of foreign students in the country reached above 310,000 in 2019, up from 164,000 in 2011, and exceeding a national government goal of attracting 300,000 by 2020.

This rapid growth was almost achieved by the increase of self-supported students from other Asian countries, particularly from poor ones.

Now that the government policy is being tested as Covid-19 pandemic changes the retail …

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[28 Jan 2020 | Comments Off on Top the best countries where you can study abroad for free | ]

Going abroad is a dream of many young students. It’s a great choice to broaden knowledge about another culture as well improve advanced experience and skills from developed countries. Almost students prefer to going abroad to more developed countries than their nation.

But the fact that not at all student can afford to pay fee
for studying abroad. Hence they find other choices from scholarship or some
ways to save budget. This article will share one advice to save budget. It is going
abroad to a proper country where every cost is low or …

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[3 Aug 2019 | Comments Off on 5 reasons to choose Canada for studying in 2019 | ]

If you are an international student in the future, Canada will become an ideal place for education, especially higher education like Bachelor or Master Thanks for policy of the Canadian Ministry of Education on increasing the number of foreign students, there are many universities in Canada ranked the top. Quality education has been improved year by year so that they can attract many foreign students to register in.

Every year, Universities in Canada have admitted millions of foreign student to apply CV graduation. In Canada, whether you are a foreign student …