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Domestic or Import?

5 December 2013 No Comment

Can’t we all just get along?

This is it: the argument that plagues car forums and comment threads. It seems that you either have to take one side or the other. “Hey, buddy, which are you? Import or domestic?” Why do you have to choose? You don’t. In my opinion, this whole “choose a side” business is to the car scene what peer pressuring kids to smoke in middle school was. It’s stupid, you look stupid, and you probably smell.

Growing up, I wasn’t forced to choose. My parents were and still are awesome in so many ways. What I really value is the fact that they let me do my own thing when it came to choosing my own set of beliefs and values. Nothing was pushed upon me about religion, when I asked about Santa, they were straight up about it, and they never told me that liking a certain car was wrong. I’m pretty sure my father owned just about everything under the sun: a Celica Turbo, Fastback Mach 1 Mustang, IROC-Z Camaro, numerous RX-7s, and an Opel to name a few. I was raised knowing the legendary rumble of a Ford 5.0L and the monster that could be conjured from a Toyota 2JZ. I had respect for all cars and I honestly believe that is what makes a true car enthusiast. Don’t call yourself an enthusiast if you only like Mustangs or only like Supras. You’re a brand enthusiast or a fan at that point.

Is there really such a thing as import and domestic anymore anyway? Cars nowadays are built all over the place with parts from across the globe. Either that, or they are inspired by other manufacturers in one way or another. You hear it in car commercials all the time: “European styled interior and handling.” There are also joint projects between manufacturers all the time. Toyota and GMC used to build cars out of the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant in California. The Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe were built on the same platform as a result. The new Shelby GT-500 uses a German engine. The Toyota Tundra is built in Texas and the Jaguar F-Type is starting to be built in India. The car game is global now and everyone is using bits and pieces from everyone else. Just make sure you do your research before you put your “Out of a job yet? Keep buying Foreign!” bumper sticker on an American car with a Japanese chassis.

Whether you’re a “Tuner” or a “Muscle Head”, we all have one thing in common: we love cars. If you drive a modded out Civic and pull up to the lights beside a nice Mustang, don’t challenge him by revving like an idiot; give him a nod and thumbs up. Respect is what we need across the scene, not stupid attitudes and rivalries that make no sense anymore. Whether you’re cambered, slammed, boosted, or stock a nice car is a nice car. There’s a reason why I have the keys to a Honda and a Shelby piston hanging from my keychain.

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