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[19 Dec 2018 | Comments Off on Useful websites for students in University | ]

1. Thorntree

Anyone who has ever known the famous travel book Lonely Planet will probably know the Thorntree forum. If you do not know yet, try to look up for it, it is definitely that you will find a lot of valuable information, especially useful when students want to organize a tour in and outside the country.
The forum is subdivided into 5 major divisions, the largest of which is branching out with information on destinations around the world (23 small divisions).
In addition, you can find a lot of useful information about …

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[16 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | ]

Oh Smaug the stupendous, I was not prepared for your magnificence. The Desolation of Smaug is one of those rare film adaptations that just might outdo the version on the page. Now is not the time for such judgments, the film does leave some fun parts from the book by ralph lauren france the wayside, but by the closing moments of the film only the truest of ardent Tolkien fans will have cause to complain. The 3D Imax was once ralph lauren soldes again an experience well worth the inflated price and the film keeps you …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Holiday beauty tips | ]

It’s almost Christmas, how exciting!
However, with holidays comes stress. No matter how hard you try, the holidays can sometimes bring you down. Trying to find the perfect gifts, having the budget to buy the perfect gifts, planning parties and going to parties.
Lets face it. These are stressful times. And most of us students don’t have the budget to spend a day at the spa… or have time.
I have three simple “Do It Yourself (DIY)” beauty tips to relieve stress right before the holidays. All of these stress relievers are easy, …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on The holiday sweater conundrum | ]

There are two types of typical holiday parties: the formal gathering, and the tacky holiday sweater soiree. Younger generations of holiday partiers tend to prefer the tacky sweater route. It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s much more comfortable when waistlines get tighter from overconsumption of holiday goodies.
If you are looking for a tacky sweater, there are plenty of options in Hamilton. For starters, most Thrift Stores, such as Talize or Value Village carry an array of sweaters. Currently, Value Village is completely out of holiday sweaters, but they have offered …

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[5 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on The X-com project | ]

X-Com: Enemy Within is the new definition of how to make a game expansion. They didn’t just add 40 maps and make up for the one cloud in the sky of Enemy Unknown (a repetitive lack of maps), they didn’t just add a new storyline filled with missions, they went even further than just adding two new classes of soldiers that change the game; they did all that and they took the time to tweak almost every other area of the game while weaving all this new content into the original storyline rather than just …

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[2 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Review: Frozen | ]

The kingdom of Arendelle gets Frozen over. (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” Frozen tells the tale of two princess sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa was born with a Midas touch of ice, and when she and Anna are playing one day, Elsa nearly kills Anna. After that accident, Elsa stays in her room for a decade, until her coronation day. Her powers are kept secret from the entire kingdom of Arendelle, including from Anna, who lost the memories of them.
At the coronation ceremony, Elsa loses control of her …

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[30 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Review: Oldboy | ]

When the Korean revenge movie Oldboy was released in 2003, it became a buzzed-about cult hit largely because of three things: its cringe-inducing violence, its stylized action, and its jaw-dropping climax. Spike Lee’s English remake has no style and it fumbles its ending, leaving a grotesque mess.
Oldboy’s premise is that Joe (Josh Brolin) – a degenerate businessman who hits on his clients’ wives, drinks every chance he gets, and doesn’t visit his three-year-old daughter – is kidnapped one night in 1993 and awakens in what looks at first like a …

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[29 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Does the Pixie make the cut? | ]

Celebrities drive trends not only in fashion, but in beauty and hairstyles. The pixie cut, seen recently on Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson, has been a favourite of celebrities since Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn sported the stylish ‘do. If a trend transcends decades, it usually means that it’s timeless, and a favourite among many. However, it’s not a favourite of Roger Sterling Jr., who recently wrote an editorial on Total Frat Move about why women shouldn’t get short haircuts.
Among his list of reasons was that men don’t desire women …

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[28 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on HMA Spotlight: Gillian Nicola | ]

Gillian Nicola is quickly establishing herself as one of the best voices in Hamilton. Her debut EP, Chasing the Wind by Gillian Nicola and the Radio Interference, has her up for two Hamilton Music Awards, one for Alt/Country Recording of the Year and one for New Group/Artist of the Year.
“It’s very exciting,” Nicola said. “It’s really an honour. I didn’t think we’d actually get nominated, but you know, it’s really, really nice.”
Nicola started singing in her youth as a member of the Hamilton Children’s Choir, and continued her passion for …

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[28 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Dining in the Dark: The Experience | ]

Darkness. Black. That is all you see. You can smell delicious food around you. You can hear the clinging and clanging of plates as wait staff bring you your food, but you can’t actually see it. This is what many people experienced at the Sense it: Dining in the Dark event last Wednesday at Stonewalls Pub in Hamilton.
The event was organized by a volunteer organization in Hamilton called Sense 4 Change and all the proceeds from the event went to the CNIB. The event itself was actually a test run …