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What Freshers Need to Pack for First Term at University

26 August 2018 No Comment

Chances are that your new room would have less space than you used to at home so do not go overboard with the basics you are taking. Everyone says pack light, yet light for some means three to four suitcases for other closer to ten, a great way to determine if you on par, if your luggage doesn’t fit in the boot of a car its unlikely to fit into your new room.

Nothing is as exciting as to pack for university and it’s understandable that you feel you’ll need your entire wardrobe, including fancy dresses, weekend wear and all then there’s all the new things you and mom went shopping for, fitting all of it into your room will be an impossible task. So, limits yourself again via the rule quoted in the first paragraph. Suzie Bentley, daughter of Ron Bentley, says you need to go to university with a sense of humour, enough money to get a takeaway or two and it’s important to leave in good time, just in case you get lost along the way.

If it Fit’s in the Boot of a Car You’ve Done A Great Job

Jessica Okwuonu, of the De Montfort University’s advice, is to remember that going to university for the first time is a life-changing experience, focus on familiarity and comfort, even though your room might be smaller it can be cute and comfy with some finishing touches. So, bring items that makes you feel great like photographs of the family, your favourite scatter cushion or throw and any other item is of value to you as a person.

Whether you planning to take duvets and pillows from home or you planning to go out and buy new ones, colourful, vibrant opts are great for brightening up your room. Most rooms are quite compact but with some planning can be a great escape from all the socializing, since even bathrooms and kitchens are shared in student halls. A great tip here is to also buy colour-coded cutlery, which is easier to identify. With so much on your mind we are adding a quick checklist and at the same time wish you all the best for your future:


• Laptop as well as one or two memory sticks
• Folder for all personal document including passport, banking details & all correspondence regarding studies and registration
• Save queuing at the library: pack a small printer and paper
• Take writing pads, calendar, books, pens and pencils
• Mobile devices and chargers
• Kitchen stuff: take only one spoon, fork, knife, plate, bowl, mug and glass
• Kitchen Utensils: small pot, pan, spoons, egg lifter and a few smaller plastic containers
• Bedroom: bedding such as bed sheets and duvet and cover as well as pillows you like most
• Clothes: Thing more casual and comfort than party type outfits and remember hangers
• Small luxuries: picture or family, favourite items in your room and maybe a nice throw

Follow our short checklist and you should have everything with you that will matter and allow you to enjoy the best fresher university experience ever.

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