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[12 Sep 2013 | Comments Off on Column: Not Your Parents’ Relationship | ]

Wait, what?
Ever had an awkward question about relationships or dating? Didn’t want to ask your friends or – God forbid – your parents?
Dating and relationships are hard. Juggling them with school is even harder. This column is designed to give Mohawk students a chance to speak out and be heard, as well as ask questions and get advice.
College students have a lot on their plates, and some of it is pretty confusing. We’re not here to help you with your homework, or help you decide whether to go to pub. …

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[20 Mar 2013 | Comments Off on Mohawk wins national basketball championship | ]

There is a fine line between confidence and cocky and Mohawk was forced to walk it entering the 2012 Canadian Colleges’ Athletic Association (CCAA) Men’s Basketball National Championships.
Riding high off their win of the Ontario Colleges’ Athletic Association (OCAA) gold medal (March 3), the Mountaineers descended into Halifax en route to the host school, Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, Nova Scotia.
“We were pretty excited about, I mean, even winning OCAA’s,” said Mohawk’s power forward, Andrew Cicuttini. “Obviously, we couldn’t have been happier about beating off Humber twice in a …

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[10 Apr 2012 | Comments Off on Drunk and Educated: Hell in a hand basket (Part Four) | ]

Hell in a hand basket
You were out all last night at pub and here comes Thursday rolling in like it does every seven days. You’re missing Thursday classes every other week and find yourself constantly asking classmates for what you’ve missed. Your grades are starting to drop and stress begins to build, so on the weekend you start drinking even more to the point of not remembering the night before. All of a sudden you’re in class on a Monday and people are handing something in. The teacher asks where …

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[15 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Drunk and Educated: Who’s Responsible? (Part Two) | ]

Do the bar room blitz
After listening to Kennedy’s entire story, it sounded as if schools were only enabling this type of behaviour. If students that are arriving on campus expect a lifestyle taken straight out of Animal House, shouldn’t a post-secondary institution be doing something to educate or at least prevent it from happening?
Funny thing is after researching and speaking with numerous academics, counsellors and school reps, I have yet to find a single major college or university in Ontario – or Canada – that doesn’t serve alcohol to its …

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[7 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Drunk and Educated: Binge Drinking On Campus (Part One) | ]

Alcohol comes in many tastes, textures and amounts. Some people view alcohol as an art form that should be sipped, tasted and critiqued with little cubes of cheese. Others consume it as a way to escape the stresses we face on a daily basis. No matter how it’s poured, for centuries human civilization has enjoyed the effects an alcoholic beverage affords us – with me being an exception. I’ve never bought into or acquired a taste for drinking. To be honest, I’ve never had my own drink let alone experience …

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[6 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Mohawk wins home-opener; starts 2-0 | ]

Starting point guards are usually taught to go into a game with a pass first shoot second mentality. Meant to be the facilitators for their team, point guards are left to curb their desire to score, and rather setup teammates to take care of the points.
The situation for Mohawk is a little different, however. Starting point guard for the Mountaineers, Rachelle Abella, is forced to start each game with a different mindset than most typical point guards.
“I have a role on the team,” said Abella. “I’m a captain so I …

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[8 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on Volunteer fair brings students and community together | ]

The second annual Mohawk College Volunteer Fair was held Wednesday, once again giving students a chance to give back to their community.
The Fair showcased displays from more than 30 agencies in the Hamilton area, organizations ranging from healthcare, environmental, and general volunteer groups, giving those looking for experience a variety of options.
Organizer Debra Pearson of Mohawk’s Student Life centre said the Fair is not only a volunteering opportunity for students, but a learning opportunity as well.
“Students and learning are at the heart of all we do. Mohawk College encourages students …

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[4 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on It can happen to anyone | ]

“It was during the Christmas holidays. I had just got my G2 and I was so excited. My dad would always say I could go to Tim Horton’s and get everyone coffee.”
Lisa, whose real name will not be used, was 17 when she got her G2. Trips to the Tim Horton’s in her hometown of Caledonia were an exciting opportunity for her to be able to drive on her own. One evening when she had gone to pick up coffee for her family, Lisa returned to her car to find …

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[3 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on Ian Thomas brings his inspiration to McIntyre Theatre | ]

Canadian rock icon Ian Thomas was at Mohawk’s McIntyre Theatre Thursday, speaking to music students and fans alike about his life in music.
Thomas, best known for his 1973 hit ‘Painted Ladies’ and his membership in the band The Boomers, spent much of the hour discussing not just the music he was known for, but his theories on the writing process and what drove him personally to create art.
“Creativity is a mixed blessing in some respects, which is partly why all my life I’ve been blessed with branching out into other …

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[28 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Party leaders agree to disagree at 2011′s Ontario election debate | ]

Ontario post-secondary students might have empty bank accounts, but if the Ontario election debate is any indication then all this might be changing soon.
In last night’s debate, the leaders of the Liberal, PC, and NDP parties were posed two questions about the future of post-secondary students, which all three answered positively.
McGuinty pointed out all of the advances Ontario has been making in the job market right now, giving hope to post-secondary students that their degrees will not be wasted on part-time jobs in the hospitality sector.  He also stated that …