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The holiday sweater conundrum

5 December 2013 No Comment

There are two types of typical holiday parties: the formal gathering, and the tacky holiday sweater soiree. Younger generations of holiday partiers tend to prefer the tacky sweater route. It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s much more comfortable when waistlines get tighter from overconsumption of holiday goodies.

If you are looking for a tacky sweater, there are plenty of options in Hamilton. For starters, most Thrift Stores, such as Talize or Value Village carry an array of sweaters. Currently, Value Village is completely out of holiday sweaters, but they have offered up another unique alternative. They have assembled bags of Christmas fare, such as garland, pins, and ornaments, for the DIY enthusiast to create a sweater that is sure to stand outt. A bag of these goodies, some thread, and a sewing needle is all you need.

Talize has created a small section near the front of the store to display tacky holiday clothing. However, weeding through the racks of regular clothing, one can find several options for both men and women. They are affordable, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. For those who are looking to add only a little bit of holiday to their wardrobe, Talize has several holiday themed ties.

As the tacky holiday sweater has become increasingly popular, there are online shops that offer an array of options, such as christmassweaters.ca. The sweaters on this website are arranged by category, but are at a higher price point. Another more affordable option online is myuglychristmassweater.com, where you can find several options for under $35.

If you’re looking for a holiday sweater that’s a little bit more fashion-forward, Forever 21 in Lime Ridge mall offers a selection for men and women, at between $20 and $40.

Whether or not you’re looking for tacky, ugly, naughty, or stylish, festive dressing is very accessible at all price points when you know where to look.

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