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Useful websites for students in University

19 December 2018 No Comment

1. Thorntree

Anyone who has ever known the famous travel book Lonely Planet will probably know the Thorntree forum. If you do not know yet, try to look up for it, it is definitely that you will find a lot of valuable information, especially useful when students want to organize a tour in and outside the country.

The forum is subdivided into 5 major divisions, the largest of which is branching out with information on destinations around the world (23 small divisions).

In addition, you can find a lot of useful information about travel tips or various types of tourism. The most interesting part is the photos and clips recording the true moments and feelings of tourists in the Have video, will travel.

Thorntree can be used to make small surveys based on the Polls feature right on the website.

2. OVGuide

Let’s enjoy the pleasure of watching movies, clips with OVGuide. OVGuide stands for the Online Video Guide, just like the site name, where you can find what you are looking for and even what you do not even know.

This site is useful in that the interface is in English but links to movies in many other languages. So you can find content that you can not google in English.

And best of all, you should try yourself to see how interesting clips can be found. However, you need to be patient with OVGuide, because there are many links but not all links can work well.

3. Last.fm

This is a well known online radio site. It is also a form of social networking where the members can share their interest is music.

You can register your account by email address as many other social networks and join the group you want. The way you listen to music on last.fm is a bit different from online music.

It’s like when you listen to music on the radio and suddenly catch a good song. Note that last.fm only shows you 30 free tracks, then you will have to pay $ 3 per month to maintain membership.

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