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Ideal Websites for University Students

23 September 2018 No Comment

With all the information needed at their fingertips, university students have it much easier these days. All the information they could possibly require are at their fingertips and can be viewed online, but at the same time curriculums have changed as well. There are several websites and apps that improve students’ time management as well as offering better information, faster access to all info needed and brainstorming with thousand if not millions of students around the globe. Here are some of the most useful websites and apps now available to university students.

Ninja Essay

Ninja Essay is a website that offers students assistance in getting their assignments ready for on-time submission. The website assigns students projects to experts and it guarantees excellent results.


Koofers is by far the most popular online student sites and arguably the largest around the globe. Over 1,081,330 students prefer to use Koofers since it provides users with access to several options when it comes to preparing for exams including flashcards. The site not only offers a wealth of information but also feature internship openings, jobs and it gives students access to adequate positions.


With so much to do, students are always on the look-out for something that could make them more productive and with Nuance, instead of typing messages, updating Twitter or typing an email, students get to simply dictate. It is a cool way to update Facebook and do most of your other typing chores.


Notella is one of the must-have apps for any student, as in many cases lecturers or professors, unexpectedly drop super important information and you miss it. With the Notella app, it will never happen again as the app is a super-fast highly efficient note-taker that comes in handy all the time.


Folders and files hold all the information you need and require basically all the time, these are vital to protecting and one app that knows how to keep you safe and sane is SugarSync. It not only safeguards your files but also makes it easier to sync files and use files across several devices. Folders can be accessed on any device or desktop and the app is available to new users on a trial basis that offers 30 days of free use.

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