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Freshers Week Tips

6 September 2018 No Comment

The Student Supports Director of the Surrey University have shared some great advice recently that is bound to offer freshers great help during their first week and long after as they start their first year of University. There are some great tips for before you arrive at University that include getting yourself all kitted out, although freshers are cautioned not to go too far. It is important to remember that you will be part of a society, even when it won’t feel like it all the time, so it will still be quite possible to sort out a few bits and pieces once you arrive. One thing you will need is a student bank account and to work out the best deal use comparison sites, although freebies should not just be accepted unless you’re sure it is beneficial financially.

Universities sent out welcome emails, and there are several social media channels featuring the most up-to-date advice and information throughout the fresher year. While checking out your timetable, there are also tons of other information available to first-time university students.

Yeah It the Day of Arriving at University

Once you are permitted arrive as soon as you can to occupy you’re the residence halls, it is a fact that most bonds are formed quickly in the early stages, even when the early friendships often don’t last, yet they a great way to not feel left out. So, don’t delay due to nerves, leave home early and get to University.

Early friendships are what makes the first few day/weeks easier and therefore it is foolish to lock yourself in your room whilst others get to know more about each other. It is an exciting time for which you’ve prepared so long. Should you hear, any chitter chatter in the common areas go introduce yourself. Don’t stop once you’ve made one or two acquaintances remember there is safety in numbers so knock on some doors to introduce yourself and build a social circle.

Leave a bit of time to get unpacked as there is no doubt you’ll be a busy bee in the first few weeks, and some homesickness will kick in and if your place is all set-up and comfortable it might give you what you need to relax. Also, use the support of your new-found friends or that of the dedicated student supports groups.

Freshers Day/Week & Beyond

Getting to know your surroundings is an exciting adventure and the best place to start is your student halls, finding reception, the laundry room, your friend’s flat, and the bar, after which you can move your journey of discovery to wider surrounding like food shops, the route to lectures and whatever else the city has to offer. There is quite a lot laid on you during the first weeks of being a fresher so don’t waste it spend time with your new friends as often as possible and enjoy all the freebies offered at the Fresher’s fairs such as pens and some other bits for your new home.

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