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[6 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Freshers Week Tips | ]

The Student Supports Director of the Surrey University have shared some great advice recently that is bound to offer freshers great help during their first week and long after as they start their first year of University. There are some great tips for before you arrive at University that include getting yourself all kitted out, although freshers are cautioned not to go too far. It is important to remember that you will be part of a society, even when it won’t feel like it all the time, so it will …

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[1 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Unreasonable Lecture Hours Causes Outrage | ]

Evening lectures that last some evenings till 9 pm has caused outrage with students, while universities use this option to cope with the ever-rising increase in the number of students. At some of the universities in the United Kingdom, students had their excitement for the start of the new term diminished by the fact that late lectures are bound to clash with their pre-drinks.

Universities explained that these schedule changes were only made in an effort to cope with the huge number of students and to accommodate the fast-growing student population …

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[26 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on What Freshers Need to Pack for First Term at University | ]

Chances are that your new room would have less space than you used to at home so do not go overboard with the basics you are taking. Everyone says pack light, yet light for some means three to four suitcases for other closer to ten, a great way to determine if you on par, if your luggage doesn’t fit in the boot of a car its unlikely to fit into your new room.

Nothing is as exciting as to pack for university and it’s understandable that you feel you’ll need your …

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[19 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on Student Housing: Understand the Options Available | ]

Moving into the first flat, house or student hall, means for many students the first time living away from Mom, Dad and the rest of the family. It will be a home away from home for many months, which makes it crucial that you choose the perfect place from the start. Before signing up, you will need to decide whether it is a pre-drinks venue or a warm place to study you have in mind.
Types of Accommodation, Rooms, Halls and Tailormade Contracts
Once you have an idea of the living space …

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[14 Aug 2018 | Comments Off on Why Should you Study Abroad | ]

It’s undeniable to say that moving out of your home to go to a university is a challenge. You must learn how to be more independent, balance a social life and school work, and adjust to a significant change of not having your family around, and sometimes not even your closest friends. Although, have you ever considered how it would feel to study abroad? While it may initially seem like a horrifying idea – it has a plethora of benefits that you would only be able to get into a …