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Truths about university life you must know

27 May 2019 No Comment

If you have never experienced the university life, there are a lot to expect, and there are also a lot to learn. Many students are really nervous before getting into a big university. However, many of their conceptions about university and its life can be really different to what they assume. The life in different universities can be different in terms of the educating fields, the location, your own major, and your personality. Students normally realize the differences when they are discovering the life by themselves when they study. However, there are basically some truths that you may not know, as for mentioned below.

Lecturers in universities are also normal people. They are really talented, but they are also human, who have interests, hobbies, fears, happiness, or frustration. You can still consider them friends, chat with them on social media, or discuss with them about some specific matters. There is no need to make a boundary just because they are lecturers and you are students.

When you come to a new environment, everything seems so strange and you are afraid of getting new friends or chatting to others. However, it is not the truth. You may never know that the other students who you think friendly, can be also struggling to make friends as well. When it starts, actually everyone is in the same situation. Therefore, when you walk inside a new class, don’t hesitate to go around and say hello to your new friends. They would be really happy if you actively make friends with them.

One of the most difficult tasks when you study in universities are reading and writing, which requires a lot of reading for references too. Indeed, all lecturers prefer their students to read the text books from page to page without skipping any content. However, the whole loads of work are much more than what you expect and have actually been through during your student life before. Thus, at some points, skimming or scanning skills are really important. They save your time and collect the most important information for your tasks.

There are still so many to expect from the student life in the universities. However, save the best for the last, and hopefully you can still find somethings interesting and helpful in this article.

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