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Top great part time jobs for students

30 August 2019 No Comment

When you are a student, you start a new life with independent though and life. So besides focusing on studying in university, you also should get a part job suitably. Via a part time, you can earn more money and own your budget without asking it from your parent. In addition, you can improve more soft skills like communication, making friend with other walk of life, team leader or management time. Via useful skills, it’s the best way to boost CV better when you graduate from university and apply for a job.

Generally, having a part job is necessary and beneficial for your life. So here’s recommendation about top great part time jobs you should try when you are a student.

Public relations (PR)

If you are outgoing and enthusiastic, this job is good to improve your experience. It includes in other jobs as ambassadors for new products.

You have to introduce and advertise products to customers based requirements of brands. This kind of work is useful for someone being close career in marketing.


If you have confidence and enough knowledge, you can choose extra teaching as a part job. Assure that you will receive a big salary for per month besides gift or bonus from parent’s student.

By extra teaching, you can improve explanation and communication skill which are beneficial for your CV.

Resident assistant

This job suits for someone living in halls. By this job, you can save more times for studying because you don’t need to go out anywhere. Your mission is supporting and managing other student’s lives if any problem happens.

Waiter in restaurant or bar

If you want to connect more people, you can find a big restaurant and apply for waiter position. It requires your patience and carefulness when serving meals to customer. Via this job, you can boost speaking skills better.

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