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Skate safe

6 December 2013 No Comment

It’s time once again to sharpen your skate blades, lace up, and hit the ice. As the cold winter weather moves in, more and more people are heading to their local rinks for public skating.

While public skates are meant to be a time to have fun with family and friends, accidents can happen quickly on the ice. Whether it’s a long stride that suddenly pulls a muscle that hasn’t been used since last winter, a tumble on the not-so-forgiving ice, or a cut on the finger from a sharp skate blade, arena employees need to be prepared to deal with any injury.

Jim Bridge, supervisor of the Mountain (Dave Andreychuk) Arena on 25 Hester Street, Hamilton, says that the most common injuries that occur on the ice are bumps and bruises from falling.

“All of the skate/arena monitors are first-aid certified and trained to deal with minor accidents such as small cuts and bruises. If a person is seriously injured we call 911 right away, get a blanket to keep them warm, and make sure to take all their personal information down,” says Bridge.

Skate/arena monitors wear red jackets and helmets to make them easily identifiable. Bridges says that according to the Ontario Recreation and Facilities Association there must be one monitor for every 70 people, but all Hamilton rinks have two monitors for every 30 people.

Bridges also says that he urges everyone who steps on the ice to wear a helmet to avoid serious injury.

You can find Hamilton’s public skating schedules and arena listings on the City of Hamilton website.

A bad fall on the ice can cause an injury for life, so skate safe!

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