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List of Standards to Remember When Selecting University

24 February 2019 No Comment

Goals and intentions: do you need to know what standards the university sets to strive and implement? What are the criteria for students after graduation? The success rate and jobs of alumni of the school? How do students graduate and have life experiences? Does the school really care about the future of the students and will they help them equip them with the knowledge and skills to make those plans come true? These are the standards that you really need to learn about the school you are about to attend. In addition, the percentage of graduates on the number of students enrolled also gives you a lot of information about the school.

Accreditation: One of the criteria when finding out which school you want to follow is whether it is accredited? There have been professional accreditation organizations doing the evaluation for you, why don’t you use their results? Just find out if their evaluation criteria match the criteria you set.

Relations with students and learning opportunities, training in leadership skills: The relationship with university students will tell a lot about the school. Information about student clubs, student associations, student magazines, student contributions in the school’s social and research activities will give you more information. In today’s modern society, developing leadership and training skills is one of the criteria that will help you succeed in life later. Find out information about student activities in and out of the classroom. Learn more about what students in the school contribute to the school’s research activities. You must ask yourself whether you are suitable and like to live in such an environment?

Safety: Finally, universities need to care about students’ lives, including social safety issues, psychological issues, and drug problems …
In short: identify and answer the questions: Who are you? Where do you want to go? Which path do you want to go to?

And remember: University is for students. Excellent universities are universities that treat their students as real partners in the learning and research environment.

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