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Disadvantages of going abroad for studying

20 November 2019 No Comment

You are planning for your study abroad in the near future. You also hear some good benefits when you go abroad, for example you have new experience in new culture or you have a good profile to apply a good job in international cooperation.

The truth that there are many clear benefits when you go abroad for studying. But besides it, go abroad makes some troubles for yourself. You should foresee and prepare good mood to face every cases happen. It helps you to be mature and more successful.

1/ Language barriers and culture shock

Communication is essential to express your idea, especially in a new nation when everything becomes new and strange, you have to ask others. But someone is not ability to speak the foreign language, it badly affects to effect of communication. It’s the main reason to lead culture shocking.

You feel not comfortable to adapt new customs, new habit. So before deciding to go abroad, you need to prepare foreign language well and carefully. You should also learn a little local language beside the mother language. It helps you to communicate local people easily.

2/ You are alone

You should determine that going abroad means you have to live far your family and relatives. In some first moments, you feel exciting when you have new experience in other levels of independence.

But after that, you feel lonely when you can’t share everything or ask any relatives support when you are sick. It’s more boring when it is in holidays. This feeling seems not good.

3/ School fee of going abroad is expensive

Let try to list all cost and expense for go abroad. It includes travel, tuition, renting room, buying books and supplies, utilities or using local transportation.

You should calculate and prepare them before starting new life.

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