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Disadvantages of a Part Time Job For Students

25 October 2019 No Comment

Part-time job has ultimate benefits for students who prefer to improve real experience to prepare passions about their career in the future. Besides it, part-time job also helps you earn money for your daily expenses.

But the fact that, part-time job has drawbacks and limitation. You should look it into 2 sides to consider about your part-time job. This article will discuss more detail about disadvantage of part-time job.

1/ Effect to the study

Once you decide to do part time job, you will have a busy schedule and spend more time for it. So you will have less time for study, even you are ready to miss the lesson in the university because you feel tired after working part-time job.

It means that you will not have time to rest, so you feel tired and exhausted to catch up with studying in class.

2/ No extra benefits as officials

As the general policy of company, part time employees will not receive extra benefits as an official, including health insurance, sick leave or holidays.

When you are ill and take leave, you will not be paid salary.

3/ No job security

Frankly speaking, there is no job security for part-time employee. Some people said that part-time job can help you to improve company culture and real experience. But not at all every student can find a part-time job in company. Almost companies don’t like to employ young students because they don’t waste time to train the course many times. So part-time job usually is available like: waiter, tutor.

4/ Health problem

When you have to follow a busy schedule with part-time job, you will have less time for yourself so your health will be badly affected.

5/ Distraction from the study

Sometime part-time job can distract student from the study. You focus on earning money. So the more money you earn, the less time you think about study.

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