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When you start planning for a career

14 September 2019 No Comment

There are different opinions whether when is the right time to start planning for job after graduation. Some people think that student only should care about career when they finish studying and reach enough certificate in university. Others think that making plan for a career should guide as early as possible in their study, even as soon as students fulfill passing of the high school exams. It’s necessary to hold plan for a career whether what they are doing, who they are in society.

First of all, if you start plan for a career after graduation,

I see some benefits from making plan late. You don’t worry about professional working environment. You also take times in university to learn extra something new and travel somewhere. Because you have free time in university. Besides it, you can focus total 100% spirit and time for studying well. It’s easier to overcome exam with high marks. As a consequence, you have an opportunity to get good certificate and degree.

Another way, if you choose to start planning for a career soon,

From my point of view, it’s better.

The fact, the employer will hire workers who have both expert skills and soft skills. Soft skills include communication skill, teamwork skill, management skill and independence skill so on. If you don’t make plan to practice and improve when you are in student, you will lack it.

Actually, planning career and studying in university are not exclusive. Even students should study and develop skills based on their job plan in the same time because they support each other.

Thanks for making plan for job, student will know requirement from the employer. So they will try to get experience and make profile for CV professionally detail. Until you graduate officially, you feel ready for applying job with enough skills.

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