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Top the most attractive jobs for new graduates

18 March 2020 No Comment

Any students have just graduated, they expect to get good jobs with high salary and professional working environment. Furthermore, job need to be proper to their major study.

In this article, we will share top the most attractive jobs for new graduates. If you are caring about hot jobs, don’t ignore this discussion.

1/ Software engineer or information technology

Our modern lives are close with development of technology strongly. In another way, technology plays an import role in growing all fields. Therefore, jobs in this major is extremely potential and attractive.

Software engineer or information technology is major job in technology. Actually this job has not limitation because all companies, especially international groups need to hire them to serve, manage and develop their system. To overcome the interview, you should improve several certificates about IT. Some big companies recommend for you like Microsoft, IBM, Google or Oracle.

 2/ Doctor or nurse

The healthcare industry is always respected by everyone. But it requires more skills and knowledge about profession. Therefore, this job is available for any graduate.

To become a doctor, you need to improve experience in a long time. However, requirement for nurse is simpler. For example, in USA, you only need to join a nurse train and get certificate, then you can take a job easily.

The fact that, there are many jobs with other options for your choice like working 12-hour shifts, all nights or weekends.

3/ Salesperson

In general, this job is the most popular for every new graduate. In first glance, someone thinks that this job doesn’t require any skill. You only persuade them to purchase your product. But actually, it’s completely different.

To become a good salesperson, you need to reach critical skills like presenting, being polite, sociable or patient. In addition, you can earn more salary from sale.

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