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Top the cost you can overlook when studying abroad

3 January 2020 No Comment

As referred from the last article, studying abroad consumes other cost and expense which you should prepare in advance to have a good condition for studying well. To make clearer about type of costs for an international student, we continue to share top main cost you can overlook when studying abroad.

4/ Health and travel insurance

Studying abroad usually means that you have to take care your health carefully so it’s better that healthcare will be insured. If you come from some developed countries such EU, EEA or Switzerland, you have the right to get the European Health Insurance Card with being free of charge and use it at any foreign nations as a regular citizen. It’s convenient.

However, some developing nations don’t have this policy so you need private insurance to protect their health and travel by your budget. You can buy it in applying a scholarship process or asking a private insurance provider to choose proper insurance plans.

5/ Paying for food & drink

How much you pay money for food and drink will depend on the country you are living in. You should do research budget level at other locations such groceries, supermarket or local markets. Sure that they have different prices with the same food.

You also make plan whether what you should eat and how you should cook daily. If you are busy with learning schedule at university, you have to eat at restaurant then paying is higher than you can cook prepare a quick snack by yourself at home. Don’t forget to use the right of an international student. Some nations offer meal coupons monthly for students. It means you have the right to buy foods at half the costs or discount other promotions in some dominated places. It is a great way to save living cost

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