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Top reason why homework is bad for student

28 September 2019 No Comment

School is an indispensable aspect of student’s life. When you are little, you go to kindergarten, then primary school, secondary school then high school and university. Estimated that 1/3 total life span we spend time for education.

School and teacher have taught us both profession and soft skills for knowledge better. But there is a true fact that student are getting homework & assignments which leads to sleep deprivation, unhealthy levels of stress and other health problems. It can seriously affect to study result in school.

The following will discuss more detail about disadvantage of homework for student, especially little student in primary and secondary school.

Can stress the child

Outside studying in school, student have the right to enjoy activities with their family. But with assignments per day, student feel stress and anxiety if they can’t fulfill the assignment on time.

Out classroom, there are other interesting novelty for students to discover more. If after learning, they still complete homework, they will have no time to enjoy the wonderful life.

Can be a burden

During a day in school, student particularly those in the kindergarten, have to improve more knowledge like solving difficult math, reading several new chapters or memorizing long phrasal. If they have to continue working in home, they are overloaded and burnt out.


Teachers have thought that getting more assignment for student to improve knowledge in a day. But it’s completely incorrect. How to remember and practice well, it’s the learning method for both teacher and parents.

Student should spend time exploring other activities outside of school. If not, heavy homework and anxiety about consignment can negatively lead to the performance of students.

Consume free time

As referred above, homework and consignment seem to eat up all time of student. They have no time to play sport, support family or contact friend. So we should get balance between school and work for student.

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