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Top part time job for student with high salary (Part 2)

6 March 2020 No Comment

When you are a student, you still earn money to arrange living cost by yourself. It’s better to have a positive life without leaning on your parents. One of the most popular ways to earn money is doing one part time job. Once you do a part time job, it will not consume much time, therefore you still focus on learning and reach high result.

In this article, we continue to discuss top the best part time job with high salary for your reference. Don’t ignore it if you are finding a part time job.

Server or bartender at bar, clubs or restaurant

This is an active part time job which you can improve more soft skills. Furthermore, you can arrange your time flexibly because the owner will separate other shifts  on your option, particularly it usually does on weeknights or weekends. Therefore, you are not scared that it affects your learning timetable.

In general, the hourly wage for a server or bartender is not high, only average 11$ for one hour. But you can receive plus tips from customers and bonus depending on your sale. Tips are different for other servers and other locations. For example, the standard tip in Canada is about 15% compared the price of beverage.

Motorbike or car driver

The fact that motorbike or car driver is a popular job for students when there is advanced development of technology. There are many smartphone app to connect between drivers and customers so students can take advantage of free time to earn money.

Normally, you need to register one official account to become a driver from apps such as Uber, Grab. Vehicle and smartphone are compulsory condition to start job smoothly. Anytime you are free, you can open signal to connect customers then receive the order from the online system and find them at their location. It’s comfortable about time.

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