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Top part time job for student with high salary (Part 1)

14 February 2020 No Comment

Students have free time to relax and do research. But someone takes advantage of this time to earn a part time job. This is a good way to improve experience and soft skill for life. In addition, you can earn money to pay monthly living cost without asking from your parents.

However, you also take note that studying is the most important task for students. In this article, we will share top part time job for students with high salary. Let it consider the following recommendation before applying any part time job.

Dog walker or pet-sitter

This part time job is suitable for animal lovers. You can enjoy with your habit as well earning about $13.09 for per hour. For a dog walker, you usually hang out with adorable dogs some hours every day. Or cleaning up and breeding it. Actually this job is very simple. You can take advantage of time in dog house-sitting and do homework easily in case pet is obedient.


If you love doing research or teaching, tutor is a good choice. This job can practice your knowledge better. Furthermore, it is more flexible than other jobs. However it requires you to improve complicated skills such as communication skills, management skills or feeling and major knowledge. For younger kids, it requires you patience and belief to share profession as well emotion with them.

The fact that, salary for tutor is higher than others. It is about $17.54 on one hour.

Library assistant or circulation clerk

This job is wonderful to access materials or data or books for study. Maybe you can save a sum of money for purchasing books. You also have a perfect space to study and relax with reading book. On average, you can earn $12.81 in a hour.

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