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Top 10 countries where you can study abroad for free

16 January 2020 No Comment

Students often think that going abroad for a semester or a year is really expensive and only proper for the rich kids who enough afford to pay the cost. The fact that, there are many ways to study abroad for a low cost, even no cost at all. As long as you reach high result in study and find extra scholarship from foreign university, you can make your dream come true with a small cost or free.

This article will share top 10 countries where you can study abroad for free.


Germany is known as an excellent university education for international students because they offer all international students as well living cost lowly, even free for some basic items. They have supportive policies to encourage international students to do research at their nation.

According to an educational foundation in Germany, estimated that you have to pay less then $350 for a study year. Munich is the best option for you if you need to arrange low living cost for students.


Brazil is also a good choice to go abroad for free if you can speak Portuguese well. There are available esteemed public universities to welcome you with a small registration fee for course.

The first step, you need to overcome a test about Portuguese skill level or get a CELPE-Bras certificate as other potential Brazilian students.  


If you can speak Norwegian, Norway is also another perfect option to study abroad for free. Introduced you have to pay $50 for a registration fee. It is really a small budget to become an international student.


If you are EU/EEA student, you can get freely for studying abroad in Greece. Other students have average tuition fee about $1500 per year. The fact that, Greece is offering the lowest living cost in Europe.

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