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Mo-vember is over

5 December 2013 No Comment

As Mohawk’s men are rubbing on the shaving cream, and the Movending Machines sit empty outside of the Arnie, the success of this year’s Movember events at Mohawk is just being realized.
MSA President Ryan Chow is impressed with the money and awareness raised through the MSA’s initiatives, despite some shortcomings compared to last year.
“We didn’t manage to get as much money as last year, only because we didn’t have the same key players that we normally do,” says Chow. “But we did manage to raise over $12,000, and we had over 150 students participate.”
Chow participated himself, donning a slight mustache for the first time. He said shirts with the slogan “Moustache Rides” sold quite well, and through the various campaigns the MSA completed, they managed to raise awareness about prostate cancer.
Part of the Movember festivities included a fundraising contest, which saw two winners. Sean William O’Neill raised about $1700, according to Chow. O’Neill’s victory was inspired by his father, who overcame prostate cancer. Laura Dunn also won, raising almost $600. Both winners received $500 gift cards.
Mohawk can look forward to similar Movember events next year, but Chow says there are some things that could improve.
“I think the big gap is making sure we have the right involvement from the college, so, if anything, the next step would be to engage the college sooner and more widespread,” says Chow.
“And I apologize for anyone who was offended by my premature ‘stache,” says Chow, with a laugh.

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