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Hamilton Media Guild debuts

5 December 2013 No Comment

The launch party for the Hamilton Media Guild, a division of Hamilton Hive, saw more than 100 attendees networking and discussing trends within the industry.

11228537193_90601002b3_o“We felt there was a need for a group for media professionals and young emerging professionals to get together and really connect,” co-Founder of the Hamilton Media Guild, Margaret Lintott said. “We also want to facilitate some discussion around different media trends and topics in hopes that we can inspire some innovation in not only traditional media group but also media groups in Hamilton.”

Martinus Geleynse is the Creative Director for MGI Media and says after coming to the event he’s gained a new understanding and appreciation for the number of Hamiltonians interested in independent projects outside the “conventionally established businesses”

“There are so many people in this room that I’ve never seen before and that’s pretty cool,” Geleynse said. “It’s a much bigger industry than I think people in the industry might realize.”

Natalie Paddon is an April 2013 graduate from Western University’s Master of Journalism program who’s already worked with The Hamilton Spectator, CBC Hamilton and is now a full-time reporter for Brant News. Born and raised in Hamilton, Paddon says she came to the launch party to keep her “finger on the pulse in the media industry.”

Paddon say her best advice for students is to be “super-engaged with the industry” and take advantage of any volunteer or networking opportunities that come their way.

Gelense also says it’s important for recent graduates to stay connected with industry leaders and understand the direction the business is headed, but he has a different approach for tackling that first job hunt.

“Don’t just go to the first media company that tells you to sign up and they’ll accept your resume, because they might be out of business next week”

Gelense gave the example of Newsweek’s decision to go back into print media as it is not surviving in the online world.

If you want to stay connected with Hamilton’s Media Guild sign up for their newsletter at hamiltonmediaguild.net or follow it on Twitter @ham_mediaguild.

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