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Gap year- hot trending in student

7 July 2019 No Comment

A gap year is a time between after graduating high school and before starting college where a student takes time for other meaningful activities without official studying in university.

In recent years, taking a gap year become a hot trend of the young. More and more students have chosen gap year instead of applying for the university as normal education.

Why take a gap year before starting new study environment at university? Whether how their parents do reaction? Actually, in term of demand of student, taking a gap year brings a lot of benefits.

Learning a new language

Some students want to promote foreign language like English. It’s right because a new language plays a vital role to get a good job in the future. If only speaking fluently it, you can work in an international group.

A vacation to new nation where you can listen and practice with the native is better than you only join a coursework at your side. It’s practical and helpful to increase your level.

Getting experience a different culture

Graduating from high school, you are so young to deeply understand about the world. It’s a great chance to get more experience at other land with other culture.

Travelling to anywhere you expect is wonderful. You also should have partner in your travel so that you can be completely safe during your journey.

Developing new life skills

Through jobs in gap year trip, you can improve more soft skills such as communication skill, teamwork skill, independent skill and learn more knowledge.

Traveling with team goes to a new lands, you have to contact new people to overcome difficulties. You are more mature without caring from your parents. Sometimes you have to solve troubles or mistake by yourself.

Boosting your job prospects

The last purpose in studying is getting a great job as expectation. Many recruiters highly appreciate qualities of student from gap year. So experience you reached may look for in a prospect

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