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England is the Most Expensive for Studying

6 August 2018 No Comment

In England known as the most expensive place in Europe to study the university fees are around £9,250 currently, per annum. Is it any surprise that those who have a passion for travel, want to develop foreign language skills or would like to study in a different country where no tuition fees are payable for undergraduates is such an attractive option?

Prospective students from the UK can study for free in several countries, in Scotland, Scottish students can already get free tuition in universities and so can students from EU countries, although students from Ireland, Wales and England must pay should they want to study there. Students from the EU countries according to the EU law cannot be offered a deal worse than that offered to students of Scotland, and the Scottish government meets the cost of the Scottish students. The government pledged that no matter what happens all EU students enrolling up to 2019 will benefit from the no tuition fees policy.

11 Countries where UK Students can Study for Free

Provided all entry requirements are fulfilled, British students can study at any EEA or EU country university in Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein. UK students are entitled to free studying if the home students don’t have to pay and in total there are ten EU countries including Norway where undergraduate students are not charged tuition fees. EEA/EU Countries Charging No Tuition Fees for Undergraduates include Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

There are also several other countries that charge extremely low tuition fees, for example, France charges between £158 up to £527 per annum at any of its state-funded universities. Germany offers many courses in English while in Croatia most of the free courses are offered in the national language only. There are also several opportunities available to students who want to study further at some of the top US universities which offer the brightest and best student’s full scholarships. As do universities in Australia for all the top students from around the globe.

While the studying for free is a magnificent opportunity studying this far from home is not for everyone, and in a recent British Council survey it was found that a low 18% of students showed interest in studying abroad. Obstacles included living abroad, the financial cost of travelling abroad and while studying is free there still is the cost of living, other obstacles were also being away from family, lack of foreign language skills and the high quality of the UK’s educational system. Unfortunately, there is no data available on just how many students of the UK are studying a degree in any other EU country.

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