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Elections Canada cancels on-campus voting due to strike

17 September 2011 No Comment

Students are left wondering how to vote on Oct. 6 as campus polling stations have been cancelled.

Since the strike isn’t expected to be over any time soon, Elections Canada has decided not to have special polling stations on campus for fear that the strikers will compromise the safety and integrity of the voting system. These on-campus polls were a new idea meant to start this year to encourage about 200,000 Ontario college students to have their say in the upcoming election.

Since youth voter turnout has been something of a concern in Canada since the 80′s, a question arises: with all of this extra effort, will any students actually bother?

Mohawk student Matt Pearson said that voting at the school would have been more convenient, but doesn’t mind having to travel and will still vote in this election. Another student, Reyanna Sangestino, says it’s “ridiculous” that students can’t vote on campus and might choose to not vote at all. She wondered why the school would want to jeopardize our ability to vote this year. Both students felt that Mohawk wasn’t doing enough to make students aware of their voting options.

One option that might make it easier for students is an advanced polling station where anyone in the electoral district may vote at before election day.

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