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Can we register for a free postgrad course in Europe?

12 May 2019 No Comment

It is totally possible for a European citizen to opt to a free or a cheap post graduate course, even the European countries are in a stressful time due to Brexit.

If you are studying in Europe, you are doing the right thing because of the high-quality education in these country. Brexit can be a big and complicated issue, but it makes almost no challenge for your studying. In any case, pursuing a post graduate course is a good choice because of the higher possibility for a good job for students in the courses.

According to the higher education lead Naquita Lewis of Eramus+ UK National Agency, the number of European employers who appreciate the importance of studying abroad increase twice from 2006 to 2013. Furthermore, the fee for those post graduate courses are really reasonable, especially for citizens of EU countries. Approximately, students only have to pay the same amount of money like the amount they need to pay when studying internally.

In some countries like Norway, Denmark or Austria, the fees are entirely free, while in others like France, it ranges from 200 Euros to 650 Euros, and from 1,350 Euros to 1,500 Euros in Spain. Furthermore, language is no longer a barrier, when most countries in Europe provide English teaching programmes. You can apply to those universities easily by just finding the contact of the chosen one on its website and start with it.

It is also still possible to studying in another country in the Europe while you are still affiliated in a university in the UK. This will be a good chance for UK students in terms of travelling, personal development, getting experiences, learning more language skills, and synthesizing knowledge for academic subjects.

Thanks to the open policies in universities that create good conditions for UK and EU students, there are more opportunities for students to get their post graduate degrees. Experiencing the education in another country can teach tremendous things about how this life is like.

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