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5 Good habits for students in college

19 November 2018 No Comment

1. Plan for work and study.

This good habit will help you a lot for your future job. When you are overwhelmed with your workload, the deadline is coming, exam also coming close, you should sit calmly and write down what to do with a specific timetable. Then just go ahead to complete everything as planned without fear of missing something.

2.Join clubs in university

Imagine how student life would be if you were never a member of a club. These activities will open up new relationships for you, help you develop soft skills, especially communication skills and above all, a playground for you to enjoy your time with friends in college.

3. Saving and spending reasonably

Have you ever walked across the street and come across a shirt that extremely beautiful but it costs you an arm and a leg to buy? However, you buy it with all the money you have and then just got a few dollar left for the whole week. To stop that happens again, you should manage to spend your money well, consider carefully before buying. Come and think about the tasty noodles waiting whenever you are going to buy luxury items.

4. Choose for yourself a sport:

Badminton, martial arts, jogging, football,… anything that suits your interest. You can go to the clubs near the house, ask your friends join with you. Sports will help you love your life more and stay healthy. And maybe in a good day that you will accidentally find your haft. That’s interesting.

5. Backpack up and go!

Try once climb up on the top of the mountain to feel the wind blows, or wandering on the street under the street lights … You will find your soul wide open and filled by the things that you’ve never felt before.

You can find a part time job to help your parents to pay your tuition fee but do not pay too much attention on making money. This time is the four most beautiful years in your life and definitely not for money. Finally, enjoy your time in college!

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