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4things more important than transcripts in employers’s point of view

3 January 2019 No Comment

Maybe when in college, you think the transcript is everything. However, when talking to employers, transcripts are not the most important thing they want to see in you.

1. How to manage time

Employers believe that knowing how to manage time is one of the thing that is more important than your transcript. Even if you have a high average score (GPA), no one will want to work with you, if you can’t manage your own time. Employers want you to handle some projects at the same time and often have strict deadlines. If you are unable to manage your time and complete it on time, you will not be able to continue working for a long time, even if you have a 4.0 GPA in college.

2. Working experience

Work experience is very important in employers, because they require that you understand the job you want to apply for. You can learn a lot of theories at school. However, 80% of your work skills are gathered from reality but not theory you studied in university.

3. Clubs and volunteer activities

Participating in clubs and volunteering shows that you are ready to improve yourself and the world around you. Volunteering shows that you have a good personality and you are ready to make the world better. Soft skills clubs show that you want to participate and you want to find out what a class can’t teach you. A person can get an A in all their classes, but that’s not all the employer needs.

4. Public speaking skills

The teacher was right to say that public speaking skills will bring you closer to the corporate world. Public speaking is a way for you to express yourself and if you can’t speak well in front of a group of people, employers will judge that you can’t keep the group’s attention when making a lecture or even simply talk to a customer. For working in groups, whenever we want to present plans, talk in public, presentation skills are also a key skill needed. Presentations are no longer “presentations, explanations”, but have become an art used in the quest for humanity, motivating people around.

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